Bereskin & Parr LLP is a leading Canadian intellectual property law firm and serves clients in more than 100 countries. With more than 260 people, including more than 70 lawyers, patent and trademark agents, Bereskin & Parr and its award-winning professionals are consistently rated in Canada as the benchmark for intellectual property law.

We use our summer and articling programs to introduce students to the practice of intellectual property law, exposing them to each of our main areas of practice.  We expect our students to take initiative, and through open communication with their mentors/principals and the Professionals Committee, to help us structure a personalized program that will accurately reflect their individual interests and allow them to capitalize on their background and experience. Our students often have academic or practical backgrounds that render them well suited to practice in a specific area, such as computer software or biotechnology.

Students will receive work assignments from various lawyers throughout the firm. The assigning lawyer is responsible for advising and supervising the student on his or her work and providing feedback. Our students are encouraged to ask questions and to discuss work in progress with the assigning lawyer and other professionals in the firm such as their mentor or principal.

We assign two types of work to our students: client work and special project work. Client work involves dealing with specific issues that arise in the context of client files. Special projects may involve research for papers to be presented by firm members, the preparation of reports or summaries on important subjects or developments, or internal case reporting.

Social and Recreational Activities

The firm provides many opportunities for informal interaction through its social and recreational programs and activities including golf, bowling, and our regular Thursday evening social. Our students and associates often get together for informal social outings.

Compensation and Benefits

Please see our firm listing in the NALP Canadian Directory for additional information regarding our benefits and compensation, as well as further detailed information regarding our program.